BHW (Blackhatworld) Thread Downloader

About a year ago, I was searching through posts that were made in my absence (I was absent for about 4 to 5 months in early 2015) on the lovely forum, and an idea came into my mind of creating a BHW (Blackhatworld) thread downloader.

So, What does it do?

It scrapes through every post and searches for any post either made by the starter of the thread (OP) or any relevant post by any other member calculated by the number of thanks to it (>1 thanks). The HTML output file will be stored in the same folder as the app. You can just copy and paste into Microsoft Word or any other program after completion.

Sample of the Output:


Blackhatworld threads downloader instructions

if you follow these steps completely, you won’t have any problems in using this software.

if you follow these steps completely, you won’t have any problems in using this software.

Step 1 (optional): Download Zennoposter and install it on your computer. After installing, Run the project manager at least one time so that it can associate with the respective files.

Step 2: Download the BHW thread downloader to a safe location where you want to save your files. Preferably any place except the C drive will be okay.


Step 3: Double-click the file (.XMLZ). It will open the project maker of the Zennoposter. Here, you have to change your username and password so that it can download everything without any problems. However, this step is optional.

Here are the steps to do that:
1. Click on the Advanced Editor to open the Advanced Editing functions.

2. You will see that there are various boxes which are connected to each other. Double click the box below the password box and change the entry ‘xyztyrj3444’ with your password.screenshot.40

In the same manner, click on “rpkrocks” and replace it with your username.


  1. Close the boxes by clicking the cross button.
  2. Click save to make the changes permanent.



Step 4: There will be a txt file inside the zip that you received. Paste in as many thread links (first page) as you want to scrape. Once that is done, you can start scraping by Zennoposter by clicking the start button. Zennoposter will automatically remove scraped thread links.


Step 5: As it’s downloading, you can see that files are being created within the folder. You can open the file to check out the contents.

Step 6: Once the thread is completely scraped, you can copy and paste it into your favorite word processing programs like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice. Make sure you are connected to the net because there are various images inside any thread which are online. Once you have copied and pasted, your complete PDF or Word file is available for printing or any other off-line usage.
Step 7 (optional): Before copying and pasting to your word or PDF program, you can use the add-on to clean up the threads to make them look short and sleek.

Add-ons for BHW downloader


  • It makes the quotes italic.
  • It removes member information, that uses extra space, from the post.

Since every post has lots of stuff inside it, like the member information and all, we need some external software to remove these. So, I’ve created a simple bot in WinAutomation to do just that.

Open the bot and tell the location of the files that you just have downloaded. It will create a new folder inside the current location to store the new files. These new files will be ready to go for your copy paste.

Download the bot from here.

Coping with errors inside Blackhatworld thread downloader

Although I have downloaded several threads using it (160 in last few days) but there could be some errors that you need to understand and correct. In the start of each scraping season, it may have problems in logging in.


Sometimes, the downloader may not log in. To correct that:

  1. Select the box with the username “rpkrocks” (At present). When you do that, it will show a blue overlay over it to show that it has been selected.


After selecting, close the advanced editor by clicking on close editor button.


Rerun the username and password steps by clicking on the Play (the one with red dot) Button.


If you have any problems or questions regarding Blackhatworld (BHW) thread downloader, write a comment below to let me know.


Hakunamatata! Rpkrocks is here to share and offer valuable services.

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