How to download softwares from torrent sites without getting infected by viruses

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Here is how to do it correctly:

1) Search torrent sites(TPBOpens in a new tab. MagnetdlOpens in a new tab. Torrentz2 1337x etc) and find the software. Most cracks will be exes and therefore dangerous, malicious.

2) Use key/dll based cracks if available. Else, move to step 3.

3) Download VirtualBoxOpens in a new tab. and create a new instanceOpens in a new tab.. Make sure to 7zip/rar the instance after creation. More on that later.

4) Install the software and use the exe based crack/patch. Most likely the program will infect your virtual machine and also patch the software. You can send the patch to virustotalOpens in a new tab. to be sure. You must also have a decent antivirus on your system. Let’s move on.

5) Open program files on the virtual machine and save the cracked programs folder to your main pc. It likely won’t be infected.

6) Download software from the original website and replace all the files with the files from the virtual machine.

7) Turn off the Virtual Machine and delete the installation disk. You can unzip the 7z/rar(created in step 3) later when you want another cracked software lol

Good luck!!


P.S While downloading some shows/softwares, you could receive notification from your internet service provider as it is a copyright violation. Make sure to use a VPN to keep yourself safe. I personally use this VPN for all my torrent downloading after I received this message and I lost my plan.


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